BCAY, what do you believe?

Our primary beliefs are consistent with traditional Christian beliefs found in the Apostles Creed.

Overall, we embrace the essentials of the Christian faith and allow liberty regarding non-essentials (speaking in tongues, baptism by water vs sprinkling, etc).

Essentials that we embrace:

The Bible is the inspired and authoritative Word of God

There is one God existent in three persons (Father, Son, Holy Spirit)

The deity of Christ, the Son of God, born of the Virgin Mary, conceived of the Holy Spirit

His death, burial and bodily resurrection from the dead

The depravity of man and the fallen nature of the world

Sola fide, justification by faith alone

Sola Scriptura, Scripture is only source for Christian doctrine, and is accessible to all

The present ministry of the Holy Spirit, whose indwelling the Christian is enabled to live a godly life.

Resurrection of the body, judgment of the living and the dead

Do you have any formal stances or positions?

As an organization, we do not have any concretized institutional stances against certain practices or beliefs. We would rather define ourselves wholeheartedly by what we are for, rather than what we are against. Our singular focus is the miraculous power of Jesus to redeem individuals, communities and nations through His sacrificial love, demonstrated on the cross.