Be strengthened in your heart, head and hands.

If you are going to stay with BCAY then become better, become brighter.

Lea(r)n—Lean in. Learn. Discover Christ and who you are in Him. Join the fabric of our Faith Family.


When your "heart" is strengthened you are:

  • Connected to God...through His Word, prayer and other spiritual disciplines.
  • Exhibiting the Fruit of the Spirit...expressing a life marked by sacrificial living, gracious living, satisfied living and devoted living. 


When your mind is strengthened you:

  • Understand the bible and Christian Theology...understand the significant themes of the Bible and apply them to your own life...
  • Have Old Testament literacy, New Testament literacy,
  • Grow in your comprehension of theological knowledge
  • Study the Word


When your "hands" are strengthened you engage:

  • Missional Living...understanding God’s mission in the world and are able to apply and replicate Jesus’ posture in your own situation...understanding the Ministry of Jesus and Incarnational Posture.
  • Others towards Discipleship, investing deeply into the lives of others to help them come to know Jesus and grow in Discipleship...helping nonbelievers come to know the Lord and engaging believers towards Discipleship.
  • Community in living out the call to be engaged in a local expression of the body of Christ...have a local congregation commitment and deeper Christian community.
  • Fulfilling God’s Call on your Life...understanding, developing and utilizing the gifts that God has given you and living into your call...understanding gifts, roles and calling and growing in ministry skill. 

What do you do, then, to strengthen your heart, head and hands?

You Lea(r)n

Engage with God. A prayer. A fast this week.

Engage with Truth or Knowledge. A scripture verse. A topic.

Engage with Others. An accountability partner. A prayer partner. A fun partner. An exercise partner. (But not a sin partner!)

Engage with Experience. An experience.