Keep you see yourself?

You are an important part of our BCAY family. You are important to who we are and how we show up--how we receive God’s love, demonstrate God’s love to others and mature in the faith.

Each of us, as we grow older spiritually, find our place in the larger body of Christ--find our role in among family. 

How do you see yourself? Do you see yourself in any of the descriptions below? These are words previous BCAY members have fulfilled and may match your interests and giftedness too.

Let’s read...

Lead Coordinator -- serves as the glue that keeps the core team running. You will assist in leading weekly core team meetings, organizing volunteers and serving as the primary student ambassador for BCAY. You keep the ball rolling! You establish timelines and stay on top of deadlines.

Finance Team -- is the "business department" at BCAY. You get to manage the collection and deposit of tithes and offerings on Sunday mornings. You are also responsible for keeping up-to-date books, making payments, acting as signatories on authorized checks and officiating finance meetings/reports to the core leadership team. Your team will also assist in seeking fundraising methods to increase church funds.

Hospitality Team -- creates an environment of warmth by welcoming and accepting individuals from any background into the BCAY community. You are Greeters and Ushers who play a crucial role in making sure that everyone who attends our worship services or events feels welcome.You help to make those who come to BCAY feel comfortable as they explore what God means in their lives. You help to ensure service runs smoothly by greeting people as they arrive, assisting people with special needs and assist in offering collection. You play an important role in making sure that special guests and ministers are comfortable during their visits.

Serve the Nations Team -- equips the BCAY family to follow Christ in servant leadership, and therefore we become salt and light in the world. You will get the opportunity to interface with a variety of community-oriented organizations in New Haven and beyond. You coordinate opportunities for the BCAY congregation to participate in community service and international missions. You also get to think creatively about how BCAY can continue to impact our campus, the City of New Haven and the world.

Community Building Team -- creates deeper community in the congregation that is fun and life-giving. You get to promote healthy relationships through small groups and activities which empower people for ministry, meaningful relationships, academic success, spiritual growth and life. Everyone needs a safe place to connect and grow. We know that life change happens in the context of relationships. Be it through REAL Talk, Bible Studies, Women's or Men's Groups, Freshman Success Groups, one-time activities, etc, you get to be a catalyst for these relationships to form and grow!

Audio/Visual Team -- fully engages the congregation with every aspect of Sunday service: praise & worship, the message, and announcements. You are the Sound Technicians and Presentation Operators. You get to oversee the technical setup and breakdown of the sanctuary and manage the audio and projector feeds during service. You are our Tech Titans when BCAY is online!

Breath of Life Worship Team -- creates a Sunday morning atmosphere of corporate worship. You are vocalists, musicians (including horn players!) and arrangers of music. You get to lead and involve the congregation in praise, adoration, and thanksgiving and create an atmosphere most conducive to hearing from and connecting with God. Our Musical Director gets to oversee worship set selection, arrange music and lead rehearsal. Our Administrative Coordinator gets to keep the calendar and ensure timely and effective communication between BOL members and other BCAY Dream Teams.

Marketing & Communications Team -- promotes the organization and keeps everyone informed. You are Social Media Nijas, Website Gurus and Brand Artists. You get to live-stream video, implement a social media marketing plan, and utilize email marketing. You are integral to BCAY having an AWESOME web presence that is kept fresh and up-to-date! BCAY is such a thriving organization with a lot going on--it’s important to keep people updated and in the loop.

Alumni & Parent Ambassador Team -- maintains relationships with our alumni and parents of students. You play a key role in the development of our church. You get to innovate and communicate special alumni/parent events and gifts, invitations back to campus, a "BCAY Alumni Phone Book", and a new "Success After Yale" series for recent graduates. You get to tap into the amazing resources our extended BCAY family has to offer--resources that are spiritual, financial, life-wisdom, and so much more!

*Each team has a designated "Point Person". The Point Person has: a heart for God and service; an ability to lead and train a volunteer team; organizational and communication skills; initiative; and a desire to encourage others and have fun!

Well, are you ready to begin? Want to learn more? Let us know at and share right now with our Lead Coordinator or Pastor. 

Our Mission needs you today--love God, love people, serve the nations!

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